“Amazing Movie!!! A must watch for all teens I watched this movie because Devon Werkheiser and when I watched the movie I was just like ITS SUCH A CUTE MOVIE! I absolutely love it and have definitely watched it more than once. All the actors were great and this movie is going to be a 21st century teen classic. This movie is gender neutral its not too girly nor boyish it's just right.”
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Miss (Madeline) LaFleur

Miss LaFleur / Michaela Watkins

"She's a character in French
literature. She left a lifeless
marriage to have a passionate

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Michaela Watkins

Michaela Watkins is a gifted comic actress, best known for her various roles as a cast member on Saturday Night Live; a regular performer with The Groundlings in Los Angeles; and for her recurring role as "Lucy" in the sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine. She made her breakthrough into features with her supporting role as Mona in the romantic comedy The Back-Up Plan, starring opposite Jennifer Lopez. As wacky French teacher Madeline LaFleur, Michaela brings a high profile comedienne's presence to The Prankster.